Last week I shot a roll of film that I’d got free with a second hand camera. When I got back the scans I found out that the roll had already been used by the guy who gave me it and so I had double exposed it. By chance, both of us had taken a photo of a motorway landscape and this was made. His photo is from the inside of the car looking at countryside and my shot of an urban motorway is best seen on the left hand side.

This is fucking amazing

im speechless


~My Hidden Nirvana~

You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.

— One of the most freeing things I have ever heard (via fearlessknightsandfairytales)


Please stop kissing other girls.

— (via soulsscrawl)

It’s so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

— (via soulsscrawl)

Was wirklich zu dir gehört, das wirst du nie verlieren.

— Mein poetischer Vater (via swagfunandtheothershitlove)

Everybody I ever loved, I still love a little.

— Marilyn Monroe to Hedda Hopper, 1961 (via soulsscrawl)

I don’t care for a man that’s good looking. To make me happy, a man has to have some character. I want a man who’s honest, intelligent and not afraid to say what he thinks. I’d rather be lonely by myself than lonely with a man that has nothing to offer.

— Marilyn Monroe to Maurice Zolotow, 1955/1956 (via soulsscrawl)

You were the hardest lesson I ever had to learn.

— My Ten Word Story (via soulsscrawl)

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

— Henry Ford (via psych-facts)